Another chapter of my Eurotrip

The initial feeling of being alone again in a foreign country. I am having flashbacks of our trip and my brother and I did have an amazing time.  I have had a good laugh with him!! It has been tough at times but in the end I’m glad he came with. I’m a little scared of what may come in the future when I’m alone.. I have a lump in my throat and I’m trying not to cry. Oh this is ridiculous, I’m just being silly now! Well anyways, this closes 1 chapter of my Euro trip. Michael  is on his flight and I will be in Amsterdam 1 more day. This time tomorrow I will be on a nightbus to Hamburg, Germany!




Today is the 2nd full day here. We are really missing Den Haag and our little chill out hostel, the people we met. Amsterdam is great, but its just so busy, bicycles everywhere, cars, trams. Last night we walked around Red Light District, took some free ferries around Amsterdam, walked to a ‘Secret Garden’, and the Bloemarkt where they sell the tulip bulbs. Today we had a walking tour around the city and then we found a coffeeshop that had pizza and milkshakes – flipping amazing. Overall, it has been a really great trip but my brother’s flight home is tomorrow.. so a bit of mixed emotions about this. It will be strange being on my own but at the same time exciting… I hope I meet lots of other single travelers.. Today I have got to figure out where I am going after this too. Cologne to Hamburg? Or straight to Hamburg?!

“Don’t you worry about that, Baby. Franks not going anywhere!” – Random on the streets of Amsterdam










Night 5 here and after some really productive days at the beach, tanning and walk around Scheveningen, visiting Den Haag and Delft, chilling out in the evenings, we are reluctantly leaving this beautiful place onto the fast-paced and famous, Amsterdam!

Random Memory: Dutch guy jumping into my bed (the top of a triple bunk bed) at 5am. – Scheveningen










Rotterdam, we are still here….

Because I had booked everything in London before leaving, up until this date, I had a panic the night before falling asleep and realised we were checking out tomorrow (23rd), so I ran downstairs to book an extra night… I think this makes 5 nights in Rotterdam 😛

Today we head to Den Haag to stay near the beach! It’s been so nice and relaxing here. Yesterday we went on the waterbus to Kinderdijk and a couple other small towns, followed by coffeeshops, naturally. We met some guys from Essex the day before. They were… an interesting group. It was generally a good day. The heat has been extreme though and we just feel like we are melting… 🙂











Night 1 in Rotterdam, so we survived the 37 bed dorm at Maftkees!! It was cheap there, but I draw the line when you see homeless people walking around hahaha…. We moved to Hostel Room where we only shared with 1 other German guy in our 6 bed dorm. We have been to most of the coffeeshops in Rotterdam now: 4 Floors, Amigo, Witte de Witte, Reefer, blah blah. It’s been pretty relaxing here and I would be happy to stay here for a while. And I think my brother is very happy haha







Ooh Brussels!

I really love Brussels. I would even like to move here! It’s a very beautiful city, all the buildings are amazing. There is a new King coming into power this weekend so there are lots of festivities going on.  Our room mates are 3 Brazilians and an Australian guy. We went out to Delirium last night, which I was told is supposed to be the largest pub in Europe. We had “the best beer in the world”: Tremens which was bloody strong, or maybe we just didn’t have much food in our stomachs. – haha.

Today we went to Atomium, walked around the city to see all the Cathedrals, Grand Place Market, the Royal Palace, had a nap in the park, took the metro and trams, tried Belgian waffles and probably out again tonight…… 🙂 I’ve really had a good time!





Goodbye Paris, Hello Brussels

A short but sweet trip to Paris. Seeing the sights, metro in rush hour, fresh French baguettes, cheese, sitting in the park watching locals play football, in the evening meeting so many cool people, playing beer pong, drunken sumo wrestling and winning!

We woke up a little late today and severly hungover. Last night was a lot of fun. We spent time with a lot of different people, some from Slovakia, Hungary, Holland, England, Australia, blah blah. And now a hangover breakfast/lunch. Shortly we will leave for the train station. Looking back on Paris, I really had a great time and wish we could stay a little longer. The weather is ridiculously hot and we are constantly drinking water. There are lots of cute water fountains around the city. BUT I am getting some colour now. Wahooo!! Tanned!!!

In a few hours we will be in Brussels.  What a great trip already. I’m so happy!!!!