Today is the 2nd full day here. We are really missing Den Haag and our little chill out hostel, the people we met. Amsterdam is great, but its just so busy, bicycles everywhere, cars, trams. Last night we walked around Red Light District, took some free ferries around Amsterdam, walked to a ‘Secret Garden’, and the Bloemarkt where they sell the tulip bulbs. Today we had a walking tour around the city and then we found a coffeeshop that had pizza and milkshakes – flipping amazing. Overall, it has been a really great trip but my brother’s flight home is tomorrow.. so a bit of mixed emotions about this. It will be strange being on my own but at the same time exciting… I hope I meet lots of other single travelers.. Today I have got to figure out where I am going after this too. Cologne to Hamburg? Or straight to Hamburg?!

“Don’t you worry about that, Baby. Franks not going anywhere!” – Random on the streets of Amsterdam










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