My liver is starting to hate me

Flippin heck, the last 4 nights are such a blur! Day 1 I went for a quick walk to get some food and ended up randomly seeing Adrian on a walking tour, so I literally ran into him and continued the tour with him haha… We ended up just chatting the whole time, so I distracted him from learning about Riga hehe That night we were going for drinks but I get so social when I drink, I end up inviting 2 French guys, an Australian, 2 Brazilians atleast were the people I invited together with Adrian and I, and we all head off to a cool pub down the road. I end up speaking to some locals and then ended up getting a free night walking tour with a Latvian guy, Fernando (yes not a typical Latvian name). He was only 19 but he was sooooo smart. He knows 6 languages and even speaks English better than me! The next morning when I come back from a shower, in my hostel room there is an Irish guy that had just arrived and he told me that I must go for a drink. I tried to explain that I had been drinking too much lately but he said something like, ‘check yourself. How old are you? I’m pushing 40 and I’ve been drinking everyday for 6 months’ haha….. so needless to say, myself, this Irish dude, and another Aussie guy that happened to walk into the room during our conversation, and had the same talking to about just not having a choice for going to get a drink….. we all head off to the bar. But it was really good anyways, he is toooo funny. So drinking from 3pm this day, we did a pub crawl that evening and I met some interesting characters. The next day, wake up and went for breakfast in ‘the Oldest Pub in Riga’ with the people from the night before. (The pub is only the oldest in the city because of 1 wall that is still standing from the 1500’s or something like this so I wouldn’t say it is actually the oldest) 😛 And another thing I learned, in the medieval days people would throw so much trash on the ground because there weren’t any bins on the streets, they eventually pushed all this litter into the river and just paved over it! And that’s why there’s not a huge river in Riga anymore. Anyways, so this breakfast….. we end up getting a beer… And then me and Gerard went for a walk and went for a sleep along the canal. Walked around a bit more and later met up again with Fernando and he gave me another walking tour and we went to a karaoke bar that was on a hill right near the water. It was really nice 🙂 I had an early night, even though everyone is coming into the room and screaming at me to go downstairs and join them drinking, but I was trying to be a little sensible to catch my bus in the morning 😛

Now I am on the bus to meet up with Daniel, who I met in Tallinn! Wahoooo I think it will be really good to stay in a ‘home’ for a couple days rather than in hostels :)))


















Who said Helsinki was boring!!!!

Night 3 of Helsinki, survived! I’ve had such a great time here!! When I first arrived at my hostel, despite it being the Olympic Stadium, it didn’t really look like an exciting place. I didn’t think I would meet anyone and I was still a little sad to not be in Russia hahah…. but I met Mitch (Grandpa/Walrus) and Sam (Egg-head), 2 guys from England – they sound like they are from Somerset haha… we had a great night out. My nickname is now Cornflake haha! We went all over to lots of places and last to a nightclub you take an elevator to the top. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Luca, the Italian guy I met in Tallinn. We went to Suomenlinna, which is a little island you take a boat to. I really enjoyed it! And last night he also invited me to go to a private party in Kallio with the Finnish guy he is staying with. Everyone at his house were so nice. They were all asking me questions and pouring me drinks. We all crowd into this cool taxi/bus and head off to a karaoke bar, having tequila shots. I just can’t believe how many people said to skip Helsinki because it was boring. booooo them 🙂  Walked all over the city. They were also having a local food market when I was there = budget backpackers paradise. Everyone handing out lots of yummy free samples. Full like an egg!! 🙂


Byebye Russia :(((((

I had suchhhhh a great time in St. Petersburg. Mmmm borsch!! I’m actually devastated to be leaving! On the ferry now… I feel a little empty and annoyed that the one place I really love, I can’t live here. It’s just so amazing. I just want to marry a Russian guy so I can stay here hahaha Walking around the city – I just love all of the buildings. It’s so beautiful. On our walk back to the hostel, it was already night time and I’m just super energetic talking to Adrian and Richard about how amazing it is here – and all the lights on the buildings turn on right as I’m talking. I felt like a kid at Christmas or something, jumping up and down like EEEEEEKKKK!!!  hahaha Last night was good fun at some of the Russian bars, dancing with the locals.. 3 days is just not not not long enough! I definitely want to come back here!!!

Just going to play solitaire with my new Babushka playing cards….. a woman from South Africa has just come into my room and within 5 minutes has fallen asleep and is snoring like a chainsaw…… booooooo……

“Don’t cry because it’s over – Smile because it happened!”












Ruuuusssssiiiiiiiaaaaaaa wahhh?????

Today is the day……….. I set off for St. Petersburg, Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I’m going to Russia!!!

It’s been so good in Tallinn. Within the castle walls of Tallinn, its very cute – but touristy. Outside the city walls, I think is just like any other city but it’s so good. Met some great people again. Night before last we went out – I looked up if there were any Couchsurfing events and it looked like just a handful of people would be at a pub basically next door to our hostel so thought I would invite some people from my hostel and have a nose about…. turns out to be over 50 people or something ridiculous!! We ended up going to an outdoor sort of nightclub with rooms with different styles of music but most people were outside sitting in hammocks or playing ping pong. It was a pretty cool night. Made quite good friends with a Serbian/German guy named Daniel, and an American guy named Amith…we stayed up til the sun was coming up and went to the Sea. Where I decided I wanted to go for a swim, basically trying to ease my way into the water and just fall in. It was just the best best morning swimming and watching the sun come up!! We went back to my hostel and had a cup of tea and then went to bed at maybe 8am hahah :)))) Last night I took it easy in the hostel and spoke with a Japanese guy and Italian guy named Luca. Luca will also be in Helsinki when I am there and he asked if I wanted to meet up when we’re there, which will be nice to meet a familiar face.

……..But I really can’t wait to get on this ferry!!! Russiaaaaaa!!!!!! Oh yeah, and I also decided now that I will go and stay in Ukraine for maybe 3 weeks and learn Ukrainian 🙂

– Random Memory: A guy pulling over on the side of the road and asking me what I’m doing tonight and if I want to have sex – Wonderful!

Life is what you make of it

So I am now in Tallinn, Estonia! It’s such a cute little town. My flight went well here, arrived and ended up taking the bus to the centre with a Brazilian guy going in the same direction. This hostel is very very relaxing. They give you slippers when you arrive and I was told if I would like to use the sauna while I am here to just let them know and they will warm it up for me! 😀 I’ve not really had access to a computer for a while so just spent some time uploading everything on to my hard-drive and onto facebook for my parents to see. Earlier I went to get some food with a German lad named Jan. We went to an amazing medieval pub, the women are dressed in old-fashioned outfits, and you can get Elk soup + beer for €4 (you wouldn’t get that in Stockholm!!!!). They only have candles lit, you drink the soup from the bowl – no spoons, and the bowls and cups they use are all made of clay. And you have to fork out pickled cucumbers from a huge barrel. Love love love it! I am def going again!!! haha

Ayyyy just thinking of Stockholm though. I swear the people you meet can really make your trip!! I am so lucky!!!

I’m on Top of the World!

Been dreaming of this since a child – I’m on top of the world!!!

If you love somebody, better tell them while they’re here cause they just may run away from you. You’ll never know quite when, well then again it just depends on how long of time is left for you. I’ve had the highest mountains. I’ve had the deepest rivers. You can have it all but life keeps moving. I take it in but don’t look down cause I’m on top of the world – Ay! I’m on top of the world – Ay! Waiting on this for a while now. Paying my dues to the dirt. I’ve been waiting to smile. Been holding it in for a while. Take it with me if I can. Been dreaming of this since a child. I’m on top of the world! I’ve tried to cut these corners – tried to take the easy way out. I kept falling short of something. I coulda gave up then but then again I couldn’t have cause I’ve traveled all this way for something. I take it in but don’t look down cause I’m on top of the world!

Most expensive place yet!

Day 3: Stockholm!

I had my first weird experience with someone following me back to the hostel. He must have been watching me and just pops up out of no where when I am about to open the door to the hostel (the door in the alley). I am fairly certain he is foreign, maybe from Turkey or something. But he just pops up saying that he’s got no one to take his photos and he’s all alone here, that if I wanted to walk with him to take each other’s pictures. I quickly went inside and said that I was meeting up with friends, but he stood outside for over an hour. I kept checking out the window and he was just standing there! And this is how I met lovely Sebastian from Croatia  in the hostel. I walked into the kitchen, realising the window was open I asked if he heard what that guy was saying to me, and then we ended up chatting for hours. We went for a walk around town and prepared for a night out 🙂

It’s been a good few days here. I have made friends with lots of people in my hostel. So many great people here, I’m so lucky. The first night I was here I went out with a couple Brazilians guys from my hostel – so flipping cute. We went to a couple bars and nightclub – F12. Also met 3 Aussie guys – Chad and Tim (who were friends) and also Adrian, an American – Kyle, and a few others that joined our little party we were having in the basement kitchen.

Tomorrow I leave Stockholm – my flight is in the afternoon to Tallinn which I really cannot wait for. It’s so expensive here and I’m ready to be in a cheap country again!! Also I was told by Andrew (from work) before I left London that I would need a visa for Finland, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. And if you enter Russia by water and leave within 72 hours then you don’t need a visa either. That may be my plan now…

“Do they speak English there?” – Kyle talking about Tasmania