What?! Copenhagen!!!

I am now awaiting my bus to Copenhagen!! It was a decision made when I noticed how close I actually was to Denmark from Hamburg and I am so so so so excited!

Last night was good fun, we just stayed around the hostel having a few drinks. I met a father and son from Mexico. Alejandro basically just translating everything his father was saying. It was a MUCH needed chat until 2am literally about everything, anxiety, relationships, parents, subconscious thinking. I am feeling a lot better now about traveling on my own. They invited me to go with them the next morning to the Fish Markt. They left shortly after this and Alejandro recommended a park I should go to, which was so gorgeous. But flipping heck, how many couples can you put in one place when you are walking alone!!! haha Overall I really loved Hamburg… Also Lubeck was such a cute, quaint little place.  I made a day trip there and I really loved it, awwww.. I met a guy named Bo from my hostel, actually on the train into Hamburg, he was headed to Copenhagen too so I will meet up with him tomorrow 🙂












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