Most expensive place yet!

Day 3: Stockholm!

I had my first weird experience with someone following me back to the hostel. He must have been watching me and just pops up out of no where when I am about to open the door to the hostel (the door in the alley). I am fairly certain he is foreign, maybe from Turkey or something. But he just pops up saying that he’s got no one to take his photos and he’s all alone here, that if I wanted to walk with him to take each other’s pictures. I quickly went inside and said that I was meeting up with friends, but he stood outside for over an hour. I kept checking out the window and he was just standing there! And this is how I met lovely Sebastian from Croatia  in the hostel. I walked into the kitchen, realising the window was open I asked if he heard what that guy was saying to me, and then we ended up chatting for hours. We went for a walk around town and prepared for a night out 🙂

It’s been a good few days here. I have made friends with lots of people in my hostel. So many great people here, I’m so lucky. The first night I was here I went out with a couple Brazilians guys from my hostel – so flipping cute. We went to a couple bars and nightclub – F12. Also met 3 Aussie guys – Chad and Tim (who were friends) and also Adrian, an American – Kyle, and a few others that joined our little party we were having in the basement kitchen.

Tomorrow I leave Stockholm – my flight is in the afternoon to Tallinn which I really cannot wait for. It’s so expensive here and I’m ready to be in a cheap country again!! Also I was told by Andrew (from work) before I left London that I would need a visa for Finland, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. And if you enter Russia by water and leave within 72 hours then you don’t need a visa either. That may be my plan now…

“Do they speak English there?” – Kyle talking about Tasmania


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