Life is what you make of it

So I am now in Tallinn, Estonia! It’s such a cute little town. My flight went well here, arrived and ended up taking the bus to the centre with a Brazilian guy going in the same direction. This hostel is very very relaxing. They give you slippers when you arrive and I was told if I would like to use the sauna while I am here to just let them know and they will warm it up for me! 😀 I’ve not really had access to a computer for a while so just spent some time uploading everything on to my hard-drive and onto facebook for my parents to see. Earlier I went to get some food with a German lad named Jan. We went to an amazing medieval pub, the women are dressed in old-fashioned outfits, and you can get Elk soup + beer for €4 (you wouldn’t get that in Stockholm!!!!). They only have candles lit, you drink the soup from the bowl – no spoons, and the bowls and cups they use are all made of clay. And you have to fork out pickled cucumbers from a huge barrel. Love love love it! I am def going again!!! haha

Ayyyy just thinking of Stockholm though. I swear the people you meet can really make your trip!! I am so lucky!!!


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