Ruuuusssssiiiiiiiaaaaaaa wahhh?????

Today is the day……….. I set off for St. Petersburg, Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I’m going to Russia!!!

It’s been so good in Tallinn. Within the castle walls of Tallinn, its very cute – but touristy. Outside the city walls, I think is just like any other city but it’s so good. Met some great people again. Night before last we went out – I looked up if there were any Couchsurfing events and it looked like just a handful of people would be at a pub basically next door to our hostel so thought I would invite some people from my hostel and have a nose about…. turns out to be over 50 people or something ridiculous!! We ended up going to an outdoor sort of nightclub with rooms with different styles of music but most people were outside sitting in hammocks or playing ping pong. It was a pretty cool night. Made quite good friends with a Serbian/German guy named Daniel, and an American guy named Amith…we stayed up til the sun was coming up and went to the Sea. Where I decided I wanted to go for a swim, basically trying to ease my way into the water and just fall in. It was just the best best morning swimming and watching the sun come up!! We went back to my hostel and had a cup of tea and then went to bed at maybe 8am hahah :)))) Last night I took it easy in the hostel and spoke with a Japanese guy and Italian guy named Luca. Luca will also be in Helsinki when I am there and he asked if I wanted to meet up when we’re there, which will be nice to meet a familiar face.

……..But I really can’t wait to get on this ferry!!! Russiaaaaaa!!!!!! Oh yeah, and I also decided now that I will go and stay in Ukraine for maybe 3 weeks and learn Ukrainian 🙂

– Random Memory: A guy pulling over on the side of the road and asking me what I’m doing tonight and if I want to have sex – Wonderful!


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