Byebye Russia :(((((

I had suchhhhh a great time in St. Petersburg. Mmmm borsch!! I’m actually devastated to be leaving! On the ferry now… I feel a little empty and annoyed that the one place I really love, I can’t live here. It’s just so amazing. I just want to marry a Russian guy so I can stay here hahaha Walking around the city – I just love all of the buildings. It’s so beautiful. On our walk back to the hostel, it was already night time and I’m just super energetic talking to Adrian and Richard about how amazing it is here – and all the lights on the buildings turn on right as I’m talking. I felt like a kid at Christmas or something, jumping up and down like EEEEEEKKKK!!!  hahaha Last night was good fun at some of the Russian bars, dancing with the locals.. 3 days is just not not not long enough! I definitely want to come back here!!!

Just going to play solitaire with my new Babushka playing cards….. a woman from South Africa has just come into my room and within 5 minutes has fallen asleep and is snoring like a chainsaw…… booooooo……

“Don’t cry because it’s over – Smile because it happened!”













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