Who said Helsinki was boring!!!!

Night 3 of Helsinki, survived! I’ve had such a great time here!! When I first arrived at my hostel, despite it being the Olympic Stadium, it didn’t really look like an exciting place. I didn’t think I would meet anyone and I was still a little sad to not be in Russia hahah…. but I met Mitch (Grandpa/Walrus) and Sam (Egg-head), 2 guys from England – they sound like they are from Somerset haha… we had a great night out. My nickname is now Cornflake haha! We went all over to lots of places and last to a nightclub you take an elevator to the top. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Luca, the Italian guy I met in Tallinn. We went to Suomenlinna, which is a little island you take a boat to. I really enjoyed it! And last night he also invited me to go to a private party in Kallio with the Finnish guy he is staying with. Everyone at his house were so nice. They were all asking me questions and pouring me drinks. We all crowd into this cool taxi/bus and head off to a karaoke bar, having tequila shots. I just can’t believe how many people said to skip Helsinki because it was boring. booooo them 🙂  Walked all over the city. They were also having a local food market when I was there = budget backpackers paradise. Everyone handing out lots of yummy free samples. Full like an egg!! 🙂



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