My liver is starting to hate me

Flippin heck, the last 4 nights are such a blur! Day 1 I went for a quick walk to get some food and ended up randomly seeing Adrian on a walking tour, so I literally ran into him and continued the tour with him haha… We ended up just chatting the whole time, so I distracted him from learning about Riga hehe That night we were going for drinks but I get so social when I drink, I end up inviting 2 French guys, an Australian, 2 Brazilians atleast were the people I invited together with Adrian and I, and we all head off to a cool pub down the road. I end up speaking to some locals and then ended up getting a free night walking tour with a Latvian guy, Fernando (yes not a typical Latvian name). He was only 19 but he was sooooo smart. He knows 6 languages and even speaks English better than me! The next morning when I come back from a shower, in my hostel room there is an Irish guy that had just arrived and he told me that I must go for a drink. I tried to explain that I had been drinking too much lately but he said something like, ‘check yourself. How old are you? I’m pushing 40 and I’ve been drinking everyday for 6 months’ haha….. so needless to say, myself, this Irish dude, and another Aussie guy that happened to walk into the room during our conversation, and had the same talking to about just not having a choice for going to get a drink….. we all head off to the bar. But it was really good anyways, he is toooo funny. So drinking from 3pm this day, we did a pub crawl that evening and I met some interesting characters. The next day, wake up and went for breakfast in ‘the Oldest Pub in Riga’Β with the people from the night before. (The pub is only the oldest in the city because of 1 wall that is still standing from the 1500’s or something like this so I wouldn’t say it is actually the oldest) πŸ˜› And another thing I learned, in the medieval days people would throw so much trash on the ground because there weren’t any bins on the streets, they eventually pushed all this litter into the river and just paved over it! And that’s why there’s not a huge river in Riga anymore. Anyways, so this breakfast….. we end up getting a beer… And then me and Gerard went for a walk and went for a sleep along the canal. Walked around a bit more and later met up again with Fernando and he gave me another walking tour and we went to a karaoke bar that was on a hill right near the water. It was really nice πŸ™‚ I had an early night, even though everyone is coming into the room and screaming at me to go downstairs and join them drinking, but I was trying to be a little sensible to catch my bus in the morning πŸ˜›

Now I am on the bus to meet up with Daniel, who I met in Tallinn! Wahoooo I think it will be really good to stay in a ‘home’ for a couple days rather than in hostels :)))



















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