I am now in Gdansk. I hadn’t wrote much at all in Vilnius but again, great time. I met Watervliet, Passport, Waffle and Belarus. Yes I gave everyone nicknames! Nights out until the sun comes up, walking around the city, going on a roadtrip with Belarus and getting lost but eventually finding our way to the Trakai castle we wanted to visit, which was only 20 mins away…. but it was the long scenic route anyways haha… Our hostel cooked us waffles in the morning, but they didn’t let us use the machine ourselves…. but after a night out and it was 6am, knowing that we wouldn’t be waking up in time for breakfast, Passport and I decided to sneak to the kitchen and make waffles… and seeing as he is Belgian… it was very fitting! Vilnius is actually a good city. I got my haircut there too, first time in months. No one in the salon spoke English though, but luckily my hair looked really good afterwards. The women just kept saying ‘Beautiful’ afterwards, awww bless her haha 🙂 One evening we all went out to find a bar that Waffle wanted to go to. We let him lead the way, got us COMPLETELY lost but we end up bumping into a Lithuanian guy, asking him for directions and he ends up joining us that night haha, so random but cool.

When I was leaving Vilnius, the people at the hostel told me 3 Scottish guys would also be headed to Gdansk, so I was happy to see them in the morning getting off the bus. We walked to the hostel together, had breakfast and cup of tea and then a nap. Sometimes the buses can really be exhausting because you are traveling through the night, so many stops – I kept waking up thinking I had missed my stop. Gdansk is flippin beautiful, and cheap! Had pierogies and Polish Vodka, then went out to a €1 shot bar and a couple other places. Now I must go do some touristy things!!

“I’m a plankton!!!!

I’m a basking shark!!!!”












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