All I did in Gdansk was drink and eat. Shot bar everynight (or that’s what I called it because it was just €1 shots), pub crawls, meeting new people. Kayaking one day with Ziggy – that was such a perfect day! And we went to have a fish dinner that evening. One day a group of us went to the beach with hangovers, eating Subway, going for a swim. It was so relaxing and nice 🙂 And when it came time for me to leave for my bus from Gdansk to Warsaw, everyone convinced me to stay – or rather refused me to leave. One receptionist had drawn out a design for a t-shirt that he told me to get in Warsaw, saying a list of things like “This is ridiculous” and “Warsaw sucks”, in Polish. Haha…. So in total I was there for 5 nights, 6 full days I think…. and they STILL didn’t want me to leave, but that would jut be ridiculous and I was getting restless again and need to keep moving. I did love it there and the people I met were just amazing and made my stay!!!

So yesterday I bought some cheap running shoes in Warsaw. My body was just dying to go for a run. Too much drinking and not any exercise is soooo bad. The hostel was a little dull but Warsaw was alrite. The first day I arrived it was so cold and rainy and I didn’t really want to do much, but it ended up being quite nice while I was there. I spent most my time with my 2 Irish room mates. Though to be honest I was glad to leave there. I just wasn’t fussed with it at all.

I’m now in Krakow, went for a run this morning! 13k 🙂 I’m already feeling much better!!

#kicked it


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