And another chapter…

I have been in L’viv now for 8 days, where I stayed in a hostel until recently. It was so homely and loved the cat who lived there. The last 2 nights I was the only guest and the receptionist had her friends round as it was her last couple days of working there. I sort of sat around like a lemon most of the time, listening to them speaking Ukrainian. I went to a Ukrainian meeting and met Edward and his girlfriend Natasha. They were so nice and really helped me learn some new words. Then I also met some more English speakers at a courchsurfing meeting. Andrew, Joe and Leigh – they’re  all really sweet and working here as English teachers.

The hostel I was staying at said I needed to learn a little Ukrainian and Russian to work there, so I can speak with the guests so hopefully I can learn quickly and go back there… I have emailed everyone today about jobs. Tex Mex, an American style restaurant is hiring kitchen staff so I will go tonight to speak with the chef.

Anyways, backtracking a little… I will explain how the last week has been…

Day 1- To be honest I was really annoyed I couldn’t speak with anyone. On the bus itself coming from Krakow, no one spoke English. The bus drivers were flirting with me the whole way and the passengers were just staring at me, as I keep just shrugging my shoulders and saying I speak English. Anyways, I happen to wake up, it’s 6am, and only 2 people are getting off the bus. I am looking around and thinking where am I? I don’t think I’m in Lviv yet… this doesn’t look like how I imagined it… I try to ask someone and they say this is Lviv… Right OK… So I got off the bus and it’s pouring with rain. People are coming up to me and asking questions and I couldn’t even answer or ask where to get the bus to the hostel. I attempt to ask the woman at the ticket office but she just looked at me and didn’t say anything. I walk back outside, more people coming up to me. I have no flipping idea what all these people wanted. Until one guy comes up to me, again asking something, but this time I pointed at the address on my phone and the bus number and he roughly explained the buses were on the outside of the bus station, so I must go out on the street and turn right. I found the bus and I only had 100 hryvnia note to get on the bus, so he’s asking me (I’m assuming) if I had anything smaller. I look down and see a handful of 1 and 2 hryvnia notes in his hand, and then he just shoo’s me on the bus anyways. I am standing there, slowly more and more people getting on the bus. I am just listening to everyone talking. One woman was getting off the bus, the doors open but we are still moving so people are yelling at the driver and the driver is yelling something back. It’s all seeming like complete chaos. I jump off, where I think is my stop and walk in the rain to my hostel. When I arrive, I have a quick nap and wake up to find that the only other guests are foreign and don’t speak English. I was trying to speak to one rough looking Ukrainian guy, I asked if he would like a kava/coffee and he says yes. Then as I am washing up my cup, he hands me his cup again and says something about kava and does with his hands as to say, ‘go on now.’ So I make him another cup of coffee…. At another point this day, he is calling my name катерина!! катерина!!!! So I find him in his room, collecting a bunch of old clothes, and he just shoves them into my arms and again shoo’s me off to the washing machine. The receptionist had a talk with him though and told him I am a guest, not working here….. ayyyy It’s definitely going to be a learning experience living here.

I have been a tourist a little lately, eating some traditional food and walking around the city. I found some nice parks, and went up to High Castle, to some of the churches -and also went to church with Joe on Sunday. I am now living here with Joe until I can find a place of my own so hopefully this will not take too long….


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