Week 6

I have been living in Lviv, Ukraine now for….. 6 weeks and a couple days. Since I have stopped travelling, I found that I have been writing less and I really need to keep it up!

So I have been living with my new room mates for 2 weeks or so now. I think they are really nice. We have been eating healthy foods and working out in the evenings. I’m glad to have finally found an apartment too because it was just so stressful trying to find a place. Calling people and lots not knowing English, hanging up on me or the apartment was already taken. I’m glad also that my room mates speak English because I am realising that I would quickly be fed up of being around just Ukrainian speakers. It’s nice because it pushes me to learn more words and stuff, but at the same time already being in another country is daunting enough. I’ve had some up and down days but overall I am just trying to stay optimistic. Everything is making me a stronger person.

I have made a few friends here myself but I really need to get out more and really make good friends. I will try to go often to these English and Ukrainian meetings to meet local people. I did go to a German speaking club last week but I didn’t really mingle too much. Everyone was already in their conversations.

The last 2 nights we have been out. Last night was hilarious. We were all dressed up for Halloween. There were 45 of us, all dressed with black and white facepaint and wearing all black, with white wigs. Just flipping ridiculous, I was crying laughing the whole night. One guy playing the trumpet every nightclub we went into, renting a bus for us all to go from place to place. Just so so good. Wednesday night was the Student Adventures due, so that was also a lot of fun. Natalia sent me up to do some game – where you have a cap on and tea bags hanging from it and you had to flick the teabags onto the top of the cap – and I won!! 🙂 Brilliant week really. I should be starting work I think for this IT recruitment company from next week. I am not overly thrilled as it is not the most social hours, but I do need an income and atleast I can work in the evenings and study in the day.


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