Another day, another dollar

This weekend was really busy. I kept wanting to just go home and go to sleep but now that I am working full-time, I must take advantage of all my free time again!! I have been trying to go to as many of these clubs as I can – Like English club, Ukrainian, German, Couchsurfing meetings to make new friends. So this is what I did Saturday evening and ended up meeting lots of people. Most of the time it is Ukrainians that will go to these meetings. Sometimes you will see some weirdos….. and I really do mean some weirdos…. but overall there are really nice people there. We went on a bit of a pub crawl, trying to find a good place. End up going into Salo until about 4am, get home and sleep for 5ish. My housemate wakes me up at 10am to say we will go to a clothes market. This was a cool experience because it’s a huge place and the clothes are just all piled up on the tables and you literally just look for your size. Instead of normal shops where you look for what you like and then your size. It’s just a jumble of really cheap and some good quality stuff. The women selling these clothes literally just pulling out my size and just throwing clothes at me to try on. I ended up getting 4 sweaters and some socks. Flippin love it here!! haha

I have also been trying to go running everyday, but in different areas of Lviv. Hopefully this will allow me get to know Lviv really well by just running in different directions everytime 🙂 I want to train for a half marathon or marathon in Lviv for next year 🙂

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”




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