Byebye Natalia :(

Today we said goodbye to one of my housemates, Natalia. She is off to Australia…… We had a party at the airport, with champagne and chocolates. I guess it didn’t feel real before because she was talking about it for so long and now the day has come and realising that I won’t see her now for ages. I know that I have only been living in this house for a month but I will really miss her. She is such an inspirational person and always pushing for the best things for me here and showing me around Lviv…

It was a good weekend and classes on Saturday went very well. I taught the usual 2 classes and also the little kids this week as well. They are too cute and learn things so quickly! Every week I am really unsure about these classes and then Saturday afternoons I am always in such a good mood. I love learning new things from students, they are honestly the best!! Saturday night was a house party and I met a few new people. I have been having some real up and down days here, but this weekend – GOOD!!! 😀

And -This week has been a new record for me. I ran 79k (49miles) wahoooo

“Don’t be a very nice girl”



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