New leaf

I’ve been feeling really good lately. Positive mood about living here! I’m not going to let things break me. I’m a strong confident woman 😉

I have completed my Quality Assurance assignment I was working on for an IT company here. Work from home is still OK but I’m getting used to it now. Maybe I shouldn’t, but can’t help it- bringing my laptop out and sitting in a cafe or making plans in my breaks. It’s making me a lot more sane! And I just loooooove my students at the language school. They really do make my week so amazing. I decided to continue running everyday, and train for a half marathon or maybe full marathon! It gives me a lot of motivation to strive for something and push myself even more 😀

Last night I met up with my friend Vova to watch the footie with his friends. Ukraine v France, and although the outcome wasn’t good for us, it was a really cool experience listening to everyone  – with people pounding on the tables, screaming at the TV or cheers. Listening to people speaking in Ukrainian. It’s all just so flippin cool!

Every time I go out, I try to take as many photos of new things as possible…. /cue the adding of photos!

Oooh loving life!









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