Ukrainian Thanksgiving and Revolution!

Saturday Night: meeting up with the other Americans living here and having an early Thanksgiving meal/party together was so good. At first my brain just about exploded with an overload of American accents. Except for my odd trips to America, this was the only time outside of the US where I have been around this many..! But it’s interesting that some people here also have the same story as my family. I’m happy to have met them all! Of course a few Ukrainians joined us in our festivities))) And this was also my first Thanksgiving I’ve had for probably 8 years!!




This weekend was remembrance of Holodomor and is also the beginning of a Revolution, against Ukrainian Gov as they feel they are delaying the process of Ukraine joining the EU. Naturally, we joined in on this as well:








Andddd today has been my first official Ukrainian snow day! Although it has not settled :((((( but it has been snowing all day today! I think it’s now stopped, or slowed down so I might take a quick break from work and go for a sneaky run)) after the amount of food I’ve eaten this weekend- it’s just sickening!!! Haha


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