My Fatherland – The Capital

So it’s all been last minute planning. I noticed people were posting about going to Kyiv for the revolution but no one really planning anything and I realllly wanted to go. Messaged around to some friends and now, train tickets booked and Сьободні я їду з Київа!!! Я не можу чекати!! I am feeling really proud to have Ukrainian blood in me lately. I can’t wait to be amongst all of these people soon. We will also be going by 3rd class on the train there which will be an interesting experience I think! Haha my first journey on a train in Ukraine. My first visit to our fatherland’s capital- Kyiv. I will be packing my backpack later after I finish work. Taking it down from the closet and brushing off the dust. I feel like I’m off travelling again!! But it’s just a week- or even less than a week haha I can’t control my excitement!

Here are a couple pictures from my run the other night, not much snow but the weather is certainly changing. Everyone is now warning me what the weather will be like this winter. It definitely will be.. a fun winter… haha






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