We arrived early this morning- me waking up at 6am to the guy working on the train shaking me to say Kyiv was coming up, although we didn’t arrive until 7.15. I think he just makes kava and chai for everyone so he wants to make some money. It was a cool train, basically like a huge hostel with bunk beds down the carriage with no doors separating anything. There were a group of Ukrainians next to us on the train talking most of the night so I actually had a dream in Ukrainian, and I was speaking too. It was so strange! When we arrived to the centre, we went for a coffee at a cafe while waiting til we could go to the hostel. And even when we did get to the hostel we just sort of relaxed a while and had some lunch before heading out.

At first we were unsure about the crowds. We were outside from early in the afternoon and we were laughing and joking saying that maybe we should go back to Lviv, it’s more eventful there! We took breaks and went for coffee or beer and back outside, but the later it got, the colder it was getting too. I think it was 6pm when about 3,000 students came marching down the road to meet us. Then it was very interesting, singing songs and dancing around. They were passing out chocolates and apparently also coffee and stuff was being handed out but we didn’t see this. Big barrels, like what homeless people stand around with a fire going, these were set up everywhere. Which was an absolute saviour because I think I would have died of frostbite otherwise. It was lightly snowing and windy but if you were in the crowd, it wasn’t too bad)) Lots of cars were driving by and honking, waving flags. I think that most of the people actually here for this are people from Lviv. Really so many flags with Lviv written on them or face paint. It’s such a cool feeling and I really love Lviv and sort of miss it… I know I am only here to visit but I really picked the best place to live for now!)))) I am pretty disappointed with Kyiv in general with people’s attitudes towards this revolution. A lot of people have explained tht they are not bothered. I know I can’t judge everyone here though. I’m sure people do care…

It was getting pretty late so our group split up and I went to some secret bar that was near to our hostel. You have to enter down an alley and through the back of the building. Was pretty good day for Day1. Tomorrow will be much more eventful I think and I will try to get some sleep now so we can be out and about all day)))) wahoooooo!!!!


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