Revolution – Day 3 Kyiv

I don’t know where I begin with this Revolution in Ukraine. Today my friends who I came here with have left to go back to Lviv and I am here alone now. I stayed outside for 12 hours today, volunteering to make food and helping out. I don’t know, maybe people can look at what I am doing as stupid. It’s not my battle to fight but I somehow feel so drawn to this. For the better of Ukraine and where my family is from. People here are willing to die for this cause. They don’t want to live with no reason in life and have corrupt and criminal presidents ruling over their country. For Ukrainians to be having such peaceful protests and then have these police come in, at 4am when people are half asleep and literally beat them, chase after people and drag them to jail. For students to run and hide in a church for safety. What in the world is this coming to?

As I stood in front of the church alone today, listening to everyone singing and politicians talking, I felt so emotional, almost feeling like I can see what my family has been through, in some small extent. Imagining what my grandmother would have been thinking when she was my age, going through even harder times. Being forced out of the country she loves but for a better life for her and her future family, move to Germany and to America. I mean we’re not just talking about great great great grandparents. These are people I hold so close to my heart and to see this suffering first hand from people living here. Seeing people now crying because they just want a better life. It’s not just reading history in a book and having a hard time picturing it. It’s all happening right in front of my face. So maybe it is stupid to get involved but I just can’t help it. I almost feel like I belong here. Today I spoke to so many people while I was helping out. Everyone was making me chai and putting blankets around me, giving me an extra coat, and trying so hard to speak with me in English. They really make me feel so loved. I didn’t even want to leave… If the berkut came in tonight and anything happened to them, I would be absolutely heart broken….











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