Snow falling

Friday night I went out for a drink with Leigh and a few people, which was soooo nice. I really didn’t expect so many people to be happy with me going to Kyiv, but everyone has been saying how proud of me they are. People have been sending me messages on Facebook and calling me. And again, Leigh made me feel really good about going. It’s so nice having such great people around me like this!!! Especially when I didn’t go there for anyone but myself and my family – and the support I have is just amazing!!!!

When I went to sleep it started snowing again, I thought the door was going to fly open in the middle of the night, the wind was so strong. Wake up to see white everywhere and snow still falling)))) I am looking out the window thinking…. right, need to go to work in these blizzard conditions (maybe a little exaggeration haha). I’m half excited about this and half like no way!!!! I’m not going out there!! But it really wasn’t so bad. It was so peaceful walking through the snow))) Lviv is like a Winter Wonderland)))

My Saturday classes end, everyone is walking out the door and a student comes up to me and asks if this is the last class for this year? Which I had no idea if it was or not, but turns out it was – – so I ended up leaving the school really quite sad because I won’t see everyone every Saturday now and didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye to them. I loved my classes and students!!!! awwww…. devo…. but after classes, I went to one of the clubs here and again met more people. I hadn’t been for 2 weeks, so it was so nice for everyone to remember my name and coming up to me – “Kate! It’s so good to see you again!” One guy spent so long teaching me Ukrainian as well, it really was so nice. On our walk to another bar a group of people came linking arms with us and dragging us around Prospekts Svobody singing Ukrainian songs and stuff, for the revolution. Maybe I am in just one of these moods where I am so happy with EVERYTHING, but really I do love everyone here. I am so so lucky to have great people in my life that really care about me!!!

In a few hours I will go to meet Helen, she is going to teach me Ukrainian))))))










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