The barricade grows taller and taller by the day!




The ever-growing list of cafés

Our new mission: to visit all the cafés in Lviv, so far we are making a good attempt))))

Natalia scheduling weekly meetings in different places- what a good idea. Last night we went to the Panorama bar, on top of a hotel near my house. Then went to Coffee Manufacturer with Andriy. We went to Liverpool English Pub last week. Found some really great, cheap wine bars.

So life has been treating me well here, I just need to quit this work-from-home job and find a more social one!)

Ukrainian Christmas

Tonight everyone will be with their families for Holy Supper. A friend told me not much will be happening tonight but tomorrow there will be concerts in the centre and lots of festivities happening. I have, only today, requested off work for tomorrow, so I have a feeling they won’t allow it. The woman who grants time off doesn’t like me either haha we will see. I will still go to the centre tonight anyways to see what’s going on.

I love the Christmas markets they have set up here. Little wooden huts where they sell things like chocolates, wine, wool slippers, scarves, traditional Ukrainian trinkets, dolls, toys, tshirts, all sorts! I’ve got a few small gifts and some chocolate to send to my parents for a late late Christmas present))

On New Years, there were so many people in the centre. Music playing, all the pubs and nightclubs full. It was a lot of fun. On Rynok Sq, everyone was drunk and dancing. They had a stage set up with different music and selling beer and mulled wine at some stalls. It was really great. We got home maybe around 6am and instead of waking up with a hangover, I had a cold(((((( boooo!!! Finally today I feel a little better. This week I’ve still gone for a few runs, and out drinking)) hehe))