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Today Yanukovych was involved in a press conference in Moscow – where he is safely being kept from the ‘extremist Ukrainians’ who pushed him out of the country. He still believes he is the rightful President.

Also, I have seen the plans he had to completely wipe out all people on Maydan in Kyiv. He planned to have snipers on various rooftops of the centre…. What sort of vile creature(((((…….. I sound like Helen now haha.



Today at the headquarters building for Euromaidan in Lviv, as they are packing supplies into the cars going to Kyiv, a volunteer says to me: “Now I hope countries in the West will know where Ukraine is and they will not ask us if we are from Russia.”

These last 5 months in Ukraine have been the most touching moments of my life. I have this burning love for Ukraine in my heart and I can’t express enough how amazing the Ukrainian people are and what a great country this is. I hope the rest of the world can see this too. Героям Слава..x

20 February 2014

I believe it was the worst day for the Revolution in Ukraine.

Yanukovych gave the orders to open fire on the protesters in Kyiv – killing over 80 people. There are also those who were injured in previous months who are still in hospital and are also passing away now from their injuries. Still so many people are missing and we are hoping that they will be found soon….

Today our president has disappeared and no one knows where he is. Apparently in the middle of the night he packed his bags, took some money, left his ridiculously expensive mansion and took a helicopter off into the distance. I do have to say though, it’s quite amusing seeing the Ukrainian protesters inside of his house, walking around… some people even still wearing their helmets and clothing they had from Maydan – but it is just disgusting how much money he had. The decorations in his house…. I mean… a golden toilet…. and golden showers… golden loaf of bread…. Absolutely disgraceful.

Those in parliament have passed new laws, bringing most laws back to 2004, making parliament more powerful than the president, seating new people in parliament, impeaching President Yanukovych. It’s interesting how everything has happened so quickly today. People have been extremely upset and angry – no I don’t think these are the right words…. absolutely livid about the presidents actions. I feel so bad for Ukraine. People here have always had such a struggle throughout their history and it just doesn’t seem to ever stop.

I really hope the best for this country…. I do not think that it is all over yet. Most believe it will even get worse before it will get better here but this is the beginning of the changes here and the most important time for the right laws to be put into place. I wish the new parliament could be filled with everyone that was on Maydan the last 3 months – they are the ones that most deserve to be making the laws in the country.

This evening I visited Lviv’s Maydan and said some prayers for the Heros of Ukraine. I didn’t expect that it would be so emotional but I had uncontrollable tears running down my face. One woman heard my friend and I speaking English together and she began apologising to me saying: “I’m so sorry you have come to our beautiful country in such a devastating time. What is worse – this isn’t even a war, it’s just one person’s decision to hurt all of these innocent people. I mean look – look this boy is only 18 years old… and him 19…. my daughters are this age… I tried to get my daughter to come here tonight but she couldn’t. It’s just such a terrible time for us.”


I am in some sort of philosophical mood right now thinking about life, my dreams, my future….

Despite the questioning of many people, 7 months ago, I left my job in London to travel and learn more about myself and the world, to push myself out of my comfort zone, to have jobs that I would never imagine myself doing – like teaching English – ME!? Teaching English? I have met so many amazing people that have changed my life forever. I have seen people struggling for a better life. Now living in a country that is fighting for its freedom.

I am so happy to have such great people on my facebook, my travelling friends who are always inspiring me to continue on with my dream by posting their experiences and photos from around the world. I want to see Asia, the Middle East, Australia, NZ, Africa, South America, Antarctica. I want to see every place in the world and meet different families, learn more and more about other peoples lives.

You know, there is so much more to life than material things- what sort of car, house, clothes you have. What sort of job you have, how much money you make and where you will go on your 5* resort holiday. It’s the little things in life that are the most beautiful.

I really love life. Really, it is amazing. If I knew 10 years ago what my life would become, I really would not believe it. I have never been happier than I am now and it’s funny that I don’t own any of the things that a lot of people consider necessary for happiness. The thing that makes me most happy is waking up in the morning and thinking how blessed I am to have another day to live my dreams. I don’t have my future planned out. I don’t listen to other people telling me what I can or cannot do. If you dream something, and want it badly enough, you can live it. I just wish that everyone else in the world could be as happy as me. I wish people weren’t so worried about having a higher pay cheque each month, going to a job where they dislike and worrying what other people think of them. Ah and while I’m at it, I wish the world was a better place and there wasn’t any greed and evil.

Ayyyyy I wish….)


First Grammar Class

Oh today…. I think it went horribly…. The other teacher who was in the class explained that it was fine and they really did seem happy with me but I just had some gut feeling today was just bad. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I have never taught before and I should take all of this constructive criticism they give me as a great thing. I have an amazing opportunity to learn how to teach classes – whilst there are people out there having to study in school for this and I have walked into this job without a degree and have this time to learn while working. But I am a perfectionist and this is a tough thing for me. The upside of today: I got my badge to swipe into the building now. And I haven’t been fired! Always good times if you don’t get fired.

#Mondays #Perfectionism #EnglishSucks

Everything is just perfect… Almost too perfect

Well, I think it is recently that everything has finally been perfect. I have a great job at a great IT company here. I have met some amazing people. I have the best friends I could ever ask for here. I am glad everything has happened as it did with my last job. Once one door closes, many more open)

Last weekend, Natalia and I went to Poland for a couple days. There wasn’t much to see in Rzeszow and I didn’t take a lot of photos… only a couple actually. We did mostly shopping and walked around the city a little. The nightlife was also a little on the quiet side. At the same time, Natalia and I didn’t stop laughing the whole time. It was great)))

I have had my classes at ELEKS that seem to be going great. On Monday, I should be receiving my pass so I can enter the building without having to call anyone who work there. It will be an exciting time!!!

Valentine’s Day was great – Andriy and I met and went for a drink. He got me flowers & chocolate. It was very sweet!!!))

Sooooo, yes despite all of this…. why am I still so restless. Maybe I just like the difficult life… Where I am unsure about what I will do for work and having to make new friends, find a place to stay. Now, especially this week, everything has been perfect – almost too perfect. I am scared of commitments in relationships and staying in a place for too long. There are still so many more places that I would like to see… Do I keep moving now or wait here a little longer? It would be nice to stay in Ukraine atleast for the summer. My brain is a constant jumble of confusion for my future. I am trying not to think about it all now though. One day at a time))

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