New Opportunities!

So lately I have been very happy with how things are going. I am no longer working from home. Actually the last week and a half I have not had a proper job. I have been meeting with friends and spending time in the centre – remembering how much I love this city! I haven’t been happier here actually. My friends here really are amazing. I am very lucky!

I think everything happens for a reason. Yes I am not working, but also I have made a lot of new contacts, people working at language schools, etc. I went for yet another interview at ELEKS today for native English speaker classes and I think that it went well, so I will look forward to hearing from them soon so I can go in to do my ‘test’ class, and after that they will schedule me with students 🙂

I am quite looking forward to teaching now actually. I think it could be something I will be interested in doing. I won’t be working a set schedule – instead I will be choosing the hours I would like to work and whom I want to work with, if I would like to do private tutoring etc. 

Life is so much better out of your comfort zone. Out of your comfortable 9-5 job, guaranteed pay cheque blah blah. This will be an interesting few weeks ahead of me, establishing myself here as a freelance worker. 

This weekend I am supposed to go to Bulgaria to meet with friends, but now I am unsure how everything will play out with work and everything so I will wait and see before I book anything. I will be a little disappointed if I miss the concert and miss seeing my friends but also I need to focus on getting a good job – especially with a great company like ELEKS!

Actually, it’s the little things that I am enjoying now. Taking the bus to new places, going to new cafes, walking around and taking photos of things that you normally just walk by without noticing. The snow everywhere, like a winter wonderland. Even the slippy snow. I duno, I just love it here and I am happy so naturally I am just in love with everything. 

#lovelife    #coffee    #Lviv    #GoodFriends


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