Everything is just perfect… Almost too perfect

Well, I think it is recently that everything has finally been perfect. I have a great job at a great IT company here. I have met some amazing people. I have the best friends I could ever ask for here. I am glad everything has happened as it did with my last job. Once one door closes, many more open)

Last weekend, Natalia and I went to Poland for a couple days. There wasn’t much to see in Rzeszow and I didn’t take a lot of photos… only a couple actually. We did mostly shopping and walked around the city a little. The nightlife was also a little on the quiet side. At the same time, Natalia and I didn’t stop laughing the whole time. It was great)))

I have had my classes at ELEKS that seem to be going great. On Monday, I should be receiving my pass so I can enter the building without having to call anyone who work there. It will be an exciting time!!!

Valentine’s Day was great – Andriy and I met and went for a drink. He got me flowers & chocolate. It was very sweet!!!))

Sooooo, yes despite all of this…. why am I still so restless. Maybe I just like the difficult life… Where I am unsure about what I will do for work and having to make new friends, find a place to stay. Now, especially this week, everything has been perfect – almost too perfect. I am scared of commitments in relationships and staying in a place for too long. There are still so many more places that I would like to see… Do I keep moving now or wait here a little longer? It would be nice to stay in Ukraine atleast for the summer. My brain is a constant jumble of confusion for my future. I am trying not to think about it all now though. One day at a time))

#ILoveLife   #FutureUnknown   #TravellersLife


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