I am in some sort of philosophical mood right now thinking about life, my dreams, my future….

Despite the questioning of many people, 7 months ago, I left my job in London to travel and learn more about myself and the world, to push myself out of my comfort zone, to have jobs that I would never imagine myself doing – like teaching English – ME!? Teaching English? I have met so many amazing people that have changed my life forever. I have seen people struggling for a better life. Now living in a country that is fighting for its freedom.

I am so happy to have such great people on my facebook, my travelling friends who are always inspiring me to continue on with my dream by posting their experiences and photos from around the world. I want to see Asia, the Middle East, Australia, NZ, Africa, South America, Antarctica. I want to see every place in the world and meet different families, learn more and more about other peoples lives.

You know, there is so much more to life than material things- what sort of car, house, clothes you have. What sort of job you have, how much money you make and where you will go on your 5* resort holiday. It’s the little things in life that are the most beautiful.

I really love life. Really, it is amazing. If I knew 10 years ago what my life would become, I really would not believe it. I have never been happier than I am now and it’s funny that I don’t own any of the things that a lot of people consider necessary for happiness. The thing that makes me most happy is waking up in the morning and thinking how blessed I am to have another day to live my dreams. I don’t have my future planned out. I don’t listen to other people telling me what I can or cannot do. If you dream something, and want it badly enough, you can live it. I just wish that everyone else in the world could be as happy as me. I wish people weren’t so worried about having a higher pay cheque each month, going to a job where they dislike and worrying what other people think of them. Ah and while I’m at it, I wish the world was a better place and there wasn’t any greed and evil.

Ayyyyy I wish….)



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