20 February 2014

I believe it was the worst day for the Revolution in Ukraine.

Yanukovych gave the orders to open fire on the protesters in Kyiv – killing over 80 people. There are also those who were injured in previous months who are still in hospital and are also passing away now from their injuries. Still so many people are missing and we are hoping that they will be found soon….

Today our president has disappeared and no one knows where he is. Apparently in the middle of the night he packed his bags, took some money, left his ridiculously expensive mansion and took a helicopter off into the distance. I do have to say though, it’s quite amusing seeing the Ukrainian protesters inside of his house, walking around… some people even still wearing their helmets and clothing they had from Maydan – but it is just disgusting how much money he had. The decorations in his house…. I mean… a golden toilet…. and golden showers… golden loaf of bread…. Absolutely disgraceful.

Those in parliament have passed new laws, bringing most laws back to 2004, making parliament more powerful than the president, seating new people in parliament, impeaching President Yanukovych. It’s interesting how everything has happened so quickly today. People have been extremely upset and angry – no I don’t think these are the right words…. absolutely livid about the presidents actions. I feel so bad for Ukraine. People here have always had such a struggle throughout their history and it just doesn’t seem to ever stop.

I really hope the best for this country…. I do not think that it is all over yet. Most believe it will even get worse before it will get better here but this is the beginning of the changes here and the most important time for the right laws to be put into place. I wish the new parliament could be filled with everyone that was on Maydan the last 3 months – they are the ones that most deserve to be making the laws in the country.

This evening I visited Lviv’s Maydan and said some prayers for the Heros of Ukraine. I didn’t expect that it would be so emotional but I had uncontrollable tears running down my face. One woman heard my friend and I speaking English together and she began apologising to me saying: “I’m so sorry you have come to our beautiful country in such a devastating time. What is worse – this isn’t even a war, it’s just one person’s decision to hurt all of these innocent people. I mean look – look this boy is only 18 years old… and him 19…. my daughters are this age… I tried to get my daughter to come here tonight but she couldn’t. It’s just such a terrible time for us.”



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