Well this week will mark 4 weeks working at ELEKS. I really don’t know where the time has gone. 

I haven’t been writing too often because I am just up to the same old things. I am preparing for classes, started taking Spanish classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in my free time I am spending time with friends, watching movies, or studying English grammar – haha!

I had a nice weekend – went to a houseparty and met some new people….. You know, I really love it here, but I am just so restless. Today was a great day of classes – going over grammar- wahoo… 😛 but lately I have been considering somewhere in Europe for summer – – or should I stay here? I just don’t think I am getting enough work here at the moment and it’s difficult for me to have a comfortable life without using all of my savings to go out… It’s such a tough decision… and it’s funny that it has nothing to do with Russia invading…. So many people have been writing me on facebook, telling me to leave Ukraine and that it is dangerous…  I feel that it is safe in Lviv, even throughout the Revolution. You know, I don’t even know where to begin with Russia. I am shocked at the amount of people that have such a negative view on Ukrainians from all of this Russia propaganda. Putin getting involved in everything, giving Yanukovych advice through the protesting and now bringing soldiers/tanks into Crimea to take over – or should I say “protect the Russia citizens of Crimea.”

I don’t understand why there are people in Ukraine wishing to be part of Russia anyways. If you want to live in Russia, then go. Like with any other country, if you want to go then go!! I am happy to see the world is supporting Ukraine’s desire for independence, even China making a statement. I have just read that Czech Republic is denying Russian citizens to get a visa to visit because it is dangerous to have Russians in the country, after such circumstances – ha ha ha!!

It would be one thing if I were in London or America but it’s such a surreal feeling knowing that I am living in the country that is now witnessing new history unfolding. It is happening right before my eyes and its just shocking. Shocking what Russia is doing – Putin is just a greedy, sly, idiot RAWWWRRR!! I see his picture on the news and social media, everywhere – it just makes me sick!!! At some point in the future I would like to post some more information about the last 3 months+ of revolution happenings, but for now I just can’t think straight 🙂



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