This evening I went to meet my friend for a quick birthday drink, said goodbye to everyone and begin my short walk back home. I decided actually to take the more lit up road for a change, which may have been my mistake (believe it or not). 

So a guy standing on the elevated part of the park wall jumps down, out of nowhere, whilst I am casually walking by listening to music. He doesn’t speak English (which again, this is another time I am cursing myself for not knowing Ukrainian), but I do recognise him asking my name, and screaming “TELL ME, TELL ME!” then saying something about a taxi, and how he loves me. I continue to walk while he is now grabbing onto my arm and pulling me into the street. He stops a cab that is full of people and is pulling me towards the cab. The thing that confuses me most is that there are men passing by, even the people in the cab, or cab driver are witnessing what is happening, yet no one does anything. When he turns to say something to the driver, I run for it but it isn’t long before I see him also chasing after me. At this point I am not sure what to do, but while I’m running I cross the road, turn back and I see him standing by some cars. So I continue on and think – okay he’s finally gone! Only to hear the noise of him running behind me again – and at this point my heart really starts racing. He is grabbing me now and yelling in my face and pushing me against the wall. Again, people are passing by and not saying anything. I am pushing him off of me, cursing at him in Russian and all I can understand him saying, again and again, is ‘what is your name? TELL ME’ and ‘please I love you.’ Now 2 students, girls should I add, came running over and, long story short, helped me get away from him. We tried to get into their house but he is holding the door open and screaming, so we ran together for 3 blocks and they brought my to my house. So…. I don’t really know what to say.

Positive note, there will be 2 houseparties this weekend, due to birthday celebrations and one leaving due**** This will be interesting!


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