So after much thought and consideration….

I have decided to leave Ukraine. It’s been a very difficult decision but in reality I planned to stay here for only 2-3 weeks and by the time I leave (the end of May), it will have been over 8 months!

For now, all I have planned is to try to enjoy as much of Ukraine as possible before I leave. 

Last weekend, it was a long weekend and we went to the mountains for a music festival, which was just so great. I got to drive for a few hours there and back, and we camped right along the river, making our own fire and I had a bath in the mornings in the river. Saturday we went hiking and after an hour or two it was pouring with rain so we ran down the hill and came across a small house, where we asked if we could stay until the rain stopped. It was an old-fashioned house, traditional kitchen stove. There wasn’t much in the house, just the kitchen and bedroom, but the man, wife and two kids living there were just so amazing and very modest. The wife took our shoes and coats and hung them above the fire and cooked us some food, showed us old photos. I was just speechless and it was an indescribable feeling! But I am OVER THE MOON with excitement!!! As we were leaving, we gave them some money for their kindness and she gave the 3 of us each a bag of dried, but hand picked mushrooms from the mountains. Really, just amazing………


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