How to Train for a Half-Marathon

Here are some good tips I would like to share for your training and race day for a half marathon:

1. Run long-distances everyday, as long as possible. Mileage is key.

2. Rest days are for the weak.

3. Don’t worry about strength training, as running all the time will build muscle in your legs automatically.

4. Since you are burning off so many calories, I recommend eating lots of high calorie foods like sweets, chocolate, and drinking beer (it has a lot of nutritious carbs that are perfect for running.) As they say, a beer a day……

5. The longer you own a pair of running shoes, the more worn in they will be. (Preferably a few years old.) This will prevent any injuries that new shoes often cause. 

6. Set your training schedule to a couple weeks before the event. This will give you plenty of time to train.

7. At the start of the race, it’s most important to run as quickly as possible, to pass everyone straight away.

Okay, in reality, that’s the worst advice and I am so tired right now, I can’t think of any more sarcastic tips.

Anyways, today I have completed my first half marathon. To be honest at the moment, it is a bit of a daze and I can’t remember much. The start was difficult for me actually and for some reason, it was because I was having so many flashbacks of my past… but the very bad memories. When I finally started to feel better, at 5K there was the biggest hill that seemed to just never end. Then flat, downhills, more hills. It became more interesting when we reached the forest after 45 minutes, which was gorgeous and I didn’t think about anything but running. I tried to take in as much as possible, but by still going as fast as I could. From the rain the last few days it was just so muddy and going downhill was really difficult because I was sliding everywhere, but it made it more interesting (I guess). Only after 15K, my leg was really playing up. I was waiting for this moment because my left heel has been really hurting during the week but I thought by taking pain killers and putting numbing cream on it this morning, it would help)) With 6K of running left, on the most pain I have ever felt, I was determined not to give up, and once I knew I only had 2 kilometres left, I sprinted to the end with 4:20min/km, so I am overall happy with my race and time (2 Hours, 7 Minutes). I bought some new running shoes in celebration. Mike said there was a shop, you trade in your old shoes and get new ones for half off, so now I have super shiny new shoes, wahooooo)))))

But now I think my foot is broken and after trying to be social in the centre today after the race, I am limping very badly now and the pain is excruciating. Helen will call me tomorrow to see how I am because she is insisting that I need to go to the hospital.





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