2 Weeks In France

So, what can I say. It’s been an up and down couple weeks.

It feels like months ago now, but Helen, Natalia and Ivan walked me to the bus station on Monday morning, 6.30am – the 2nd of June. I said goodbye to my housemate Oxana, and with my heavy backpack and a newly bought 2nd gym bag, we headed for my bus to the border. I really didn’t feel so emotional this morning in particular. I was actually quite excited and ready to go. My bags had been packed for weeks before this moment and a great last week in Lviv. On Friday, I stayed later at work to spend time with colleagues, Saturday (31st May) was Okean Elzy concert and I had been out drinking on the Sunday. We got home at maybe 2am, and I woke up…. or rather Oxana woke me up, saying “Kate, Kate! It’s 5am. I think you need to go soon don’t you??” Bless her heart!!!! I didn’t actually have to wake up for another hour but I got up anyways, which I am happy that I did. Wow, I really miss Oxana now. She was a great housemate!!!

I left a lot of my clothes that I didn’t have space for, for Natalia and Helen to go through. Helen was making me laugh because this morning she had all my clothes on, and as usual, was reading people’s faces. At the bus stop, I stood there for an hour talking with them, we took some pictures together, and as the bus engine started, I got on and they walked to the side of the bus that I was sitting on. It had been raining the last few days and the bus window’s were fogged up. Natalia start writing on the windows, “You are welcome to Lviv again” and I write back “Love you.” Then, out of no where the tears started and I am trying to hold it back because I am alone on this packed bus, where I really don’t feel like speaking to anyone at this moment. I wave for the last time to Natalia running around the corner and we are driving off, and I sit there with tears just streaming down my face, quickly trying to pull out my music to focus myself on something else, which didn’t help.

Actually, I just sat in a daze for 2 hours until I got to the border and once I got off the bus, I couldn’t think of anything except for – “how am I actually going to carry this stuff across the border now???!!!!” Every 5 seconds, I was alternating my gym bag to my other arm and made it to Ukrainian border patrol completely out of breath. But after being questioned and having my passport ridiculously checked, for the last time, I try to lift my bag and my arms are just dead. I stand outside for a minute, looking how far away the other building was, and then to the bus I needed to take – it was like a marathon. Then the nicest guy ever offered to carry it for me, all the way to my bus and I could tell he was also dead tired from this but he seemed very nonchalant when I thanked him again and again. I had a short bus trip to the city in Przemysl where I would meet this guy off BlaBlaCar for my ride to France.

This alone caused me a lot of anxiety- would he actually come? How will I contact him because he doesn’t speak English, and my phone doesn’t work in Poland? But I ended up making it to the tourist information centre, [literally] dragging my bags in, asking the woman to please call for me – and he arrived, 20 minutes late but I started my…. short…. journey….. because within a few hours the car broke down and we had to stay somewhere in Poland for the evening waiting for the car to be fixed. I was in some limbo period because it wasn’t that I wanted to be in Lviv – I said goodbye to everyone, but missed them so much. I was really really excited to see Loic, but also I was worried what he would think of me. I thought at the time, it’s a good thinking period for me, before I get to France. But really it hasn’t helped. I think generally moving from one country to the next, leaving your good friends, great job, everything you work for and build up – then you start all over again it’s one of the most difficult things I put myself through.

So flash forward to the present – I have been in Lyon now for 2 weeks and I guess I have a boyfriend now…… wow. First I stayed with Loic’s family a little outside of the city, and now he has moved so it’s just 2 metro stops from the centre, or a 45 min walk ( I think – I got a little lost when I was walking). I don’t really know where the time has gone…. but I am happy))

♥ ♥ ♥


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